The Mediterranean – A Jumble of Culture at Sea


I can see myself relaxing here.  Photo courtesy of Flickr.


The Mediterranean is lined with some beautiful coastline and amazing cities. Traveling through eastern Europe, especially Croatia reminded me of the long history of these port cities as celebrated travel destination and centers of trade. This sea has always been a the center of cultural exchange, the scene of great battles and a tremendous source of wealth.


From the city of Dubrovnik, once a sovereign nation, to ancient Athens and Barcelona there are countless destinations one can visit on Mediterranean cruises.  I have never had the pleasure of a trip on a cruise liner through the Mediterranean, but I have certainly dreamed of sailing into the harbors of these culturally rich locations.


It is an enticingly romantic and picturesque view that I have. Days spent lounging around the pool drinking jack and cokes, maybe some shuffle board thrown in there. Your evenings filled with music, dancing and socializing with the rest of your passengers. You enjoy this as you set sail from one destination to the next. What waits at the next port of opportunity is the thing that excites me the most.


With such a diverse and historied number of cultures and nations surrounding the Mediterranean, for the history buff, this is the ultimate experience. Each destination not too far apart that you can't take your time and still see so much, yet not suffering from lack of diversity. The relaxation, socializing and festivities aboard the boat are a great time, but when it comes time to hit land - history, culture and mixing into the local life is where the real richness of this opportunity reveals itself.

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