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Everyone has their own idea of a perfect holiday, and they're usually pretty sure of how they like to get there too. For some, it's all about booking a package holiday and letting someone else take the stress out of their hands. Others prefer the flexible route and always book their own transport and accommodation.



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Either way, the great thing about today's holiday industry is that there's a huge choice of places to visit. From Dalaman holidays to Greek getaways, Italian escapes to once-in-a-lifetime trips to Australia, you'll never be short of incredible destinations to explore.


Where package holidays are considered, the minimum you can expect is to have return flights, nightly accommodation and a transfer service to and from your hotel included in the cost. Most large scale tour operators such as Thomas Cook routinely offer the service of a locally-based travel representative too, who is on hand to offer advice and support on everything from lost passports to finding the best seafood restaurant. The obvious appeal is that it takes the stress out of going abroad, finding your hotel and getting acquainted with the area. And it can help keep the costs in check too.




Somtimes it's better to go with a travel representative to avoid this.  Though it can be fun.



The other major alternative is to go down the DIY route. This involves booking your flights and accommodation yourself through independent channels, and then sourcing your own transport to the hotel when you arrive. While this typically involves more planning and can see costs escalate if the trip is not planned or booked far enough in advance (for instance, taxis from the airport can be extortionate) - it can naturally be a much more flexible style of holiday. You can, if you like, spend a few nights in different areas which is a great way of getting to know the destination. Whereas with a package you're typically tied to one hotel for the duration of the trip.



There are pros and cons to each style of holiday. What do you prefer?

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