And Then There Was Ginsberg


Used and rare bookstore along a lonely and cold Vermont road (road not lonely)

Abre los ojos or “open your eyes” can be the most obvious and least respected travel advice.  In travel this my appear natural, but only so far as the casual traveler looks at the new sights she is told to look upon.  It may be the small open air cafe around the corner down the alley off the main beat.  It may be a whole new destination and sense of adventure that creeps in when you hear about a local town which was never mentioned in a guide book or online forum.  It may be an obscure rare and used bookstore, along a flat Vermont road on a cold gray day.



Almost in the middle of nowhere, yet across from a picturesque dairy farm

It's high likely you'll find a book in the belongings of a traveler, maybe even several.  Past the guide books and introductory basic language tomes, the truly inspired to wander usually carry a favorite author, new adventure novel or time tested old favorite amongst the rest of their belongings.  It is this inspirational selection that they hold most dear.



Not the most stunning of entrances

A traveler discovering a used bookstore, a rare and used bookstore no less, can hold a titillating sense of exhilaration.  Do we turn around?  Hell yes we turn around.

And thus, the exploration begins.



The gravitational pull from the books was so great it distorted the light, thereby blurring the picture.

An adventure into literary bliss begins.  In the most vanilla of settings the books rose from floor to ceiling, clung to the walls or spilled out onto floors when there was no more spaces to be had on the shelves.  There was no vociferous Starbucks, set next to the most recent editions of Field and Stream and Good House Keeping clamoring for your attention.  Only dusty old paperbacks and hardcovers whose authors had long since passed or crept away, semi sequestered from the going ons of the world, into their old academic crypts were to be found.

Travel. Eastern Europe.  

Balkans, no.  Romania, yes. Communism, landscape portraits, Gypsies and lovely Transylvania.

Poetry - Anthologies.  Crusty old white British classics, no.  Beatniks, none?

Fiction – Authors - Alphabetical.  Kipling, no. William Carlos Williams, maybe, but no. Ginsberg, YES.

Ginsberg biography, no.  Read several of those.  Ginsberg collection of personal journals, yes.

And Then There Was Ginsberg



And then there was Ginsberg clinging to the wall!

It was than I came upon a discovery, amidst those books clinging to the walls for lack of space on the racks. Empty Mirror by Ginsberg, his early poems.  A semi rare, but must have for an enthusiast as myself.


That is where that goes, right there

(picture blurred becasue of bad lighting, GOT SOME CAMERA SUGGESTIONS?)

Ahh the simple misadventure. Or perhaps a re adventure. There is no end to them, even on the road home if you keep our eyes open.  For the truer traveler will always find what she seeks if she takes her eyes from what she expects.

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