New York City – Not Just the Destination but How You Get There


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It doesn't take much to convince people to take a trip to New York City. No matter how many times you have been there, you know that it is a place with unlimited adventure and experiences.  For those who have never been, its reputation as a culturally rich scene of arts, music and excitement 24 hours a day is often well known in advance.


From wading knee deep through hipsters in Brooklyn to find a good club or bar to meandering your way through Central Park for a lunchtime outing there is always a reason to hop on the train, rent a car or book flights to New York.  Most of the time as travelers we don't consider how we get to our destination or the companies that we end up supporting during these activities. These considerations are changing. For the better it seems.


As important as the quality of services that are offered to us are the activities and practices that these companies engage in. While there are a laundry list of considerations in choosing companies such as how socially conscious their policies or their ethical business operations, charity ranks very high on that list. There are countless airlines and booking agencies that offer services to New York City and Dial A Flight offers that while giving back internationally to important causes.


With 10 percent of their annual profits going to projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo to rehabilitate children with Polio to the United Kingdom where they fund the advancement of modern day scientific research into Herbal Medicine, their impact is widespread and diverse.


There is an old saying that it is not what you do, but how you do it. My personal beliefs don't allow me agreement with this statement. I think what you do in the world today is even more important than how you do it. Funding Herbal Medicine research promotes sustainability and helps find alternatives to the petrochemical-pharmaceutical industry. Building schools in Malawi to further education, supporting a children's refugee in Kenya that helps start small business and rebuilding the fishing fleets of small villages in Sri Lanka are all sustainable and empowering investments that helps further development, survival and comfort of life.


As travelers these are the types of companies that should be supported. Those that promote socially conscious projects that help create a more socially just world.

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