A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Crappy Blog Posts

The time has come to take serious steps to hone this craft of travel blogging.  A first notable step forward is a purchase of a good to very good digital camera for taking stunning photos and video.  Well I can't promise stunning photos you see from the likes of Beers and Beans – Somewhere In Time Photo Series, but I can frame a decent shot.  The rest will have to come in time.

This is a rather large investment, but one which must be made.  This will be a serious endeavor and I am to find the best camera to fit a travel blogger.  I have received a good amount of feedback from other bloggers, as well as some photographers and have come up with a final set of candidates, though these are not set in stone by any means.

Ohh what a joy it would be if I could get my hands on different models to try out in t he real world.

Alas, this is not to be, but a man can dream can't he?

The Criteria

In order to find the right tool for the job a set of criteria must be known.  To find the best camera for the job it would follow that it's purpose should be outlined.  Well here is what I've come up with, rattling what is left of my brain after a trying day.

  • Must accept generous rough play with dignity

I don't anticipate scaling the sides of mountains Free Soloing, but I have been known to Scramble on occasion.

  • Lightweight for carrying and agile movement around subjects

Who knows what I'll be shooting?  It could be wild bears, wild boars, Free Range Hippies, social upheaval or maybe just fluffy kittens.  Whatever the case I need to react to the movements of the subject and not get winded carrying this around all day.

  • Quality shots from far away to close-up

Rather than settle for a moderate quality all around use single lens, I've opted to go with a detachable lens camera.  While this may up cost and even weight I believe the flexibility it lends to different scenarios and subjects will pay off in the long run.

  • Hi-Res HD video a must

If I'm going to dump the money into a digital optical thingamajigger than it might as well do the video thing.  Isn't that all the rage with the kids these days? Or maybe it was?

  • Ability to automate many features

Now I may, I say may wind up being one of the worlds leading photographers. I may end up with an amazing sense of light, structure, movement and position, with the ability to set up my shots knowing exactly the right settings. Since this is unlikely, it would be useful if the camera did this for me, with the option to tweak or all together override them of course.

  • Not afraid to go au naturel

Must accept RAW format

  • Onboard Wifi

Self Explanatory


The Candidates



K-30 Lens Kit Blue w DA L 18-55

WikiMedia Commons photo by Joergens.mi




EOS Rebel T3i 18-55mm IS II Kit




Olympus E-PL5

Wikimedia Commons photo by Takeaway

The price range I'm working with is from free to $800 United States funny monies, while $500 United States funny monies would let me sleep easier.  Do you have any suggestions, some more criteria that should be considered?  I would love to hear what you have to say interwebs.

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