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Frequently in my travels I seek affordable long-term accommodation. This was the case while traveling through Croatia back in late 2011. While I found marvelous accommodation, I was completely unaware of what Timeshares were and the existence of sites like Luckily, I now  have the chance to review their site and services.



Who Is It For?


Those seeking accommodation:   Whether on a business trip, the yearly family vacation or seeking a comfortable respite from a long backpacking journey, SellMyTimeShareNow offers huge discounts on luxurious properties. The timeshare properties are discounted so much due to the fact they are all owned by individuals who purchased the units directly from the resort and now want to sell their timeshare or rent them out to cover annual fees. Since timeshares do not build equity, these owners must sell and rent them at prices far below what they originally paid. Timeshares are ideal for stays of one week or longer in a destination.


Those looking to sell or rent our their timeshare:   Anyone looking to sell or rent their timeshare and who needs a cost effective means with maximum exposure to find renters or buyers should check out this company. SellMyTimeShareNow has over $1 million in daily offers from buyers (you can see these offers in a live feed on their site - see below) and a substantial online presence that sets it apart from most other sites, which guarantees your listing will be seen when buyers and renters are searching for timeshares in various search engines.



What They Offer


Uncertain about what exactly a timeshare is? SellMyTimeShareNow has got you covered with their informative and in depth explanation of what a timeshare is, how it works and what separates it from accommodation at a hotel....which is a lot! Just a few bonuses include private balconies, personalized guest services, fireplaces, jacuzzis and large master bedrooms.


If you're seeking a timeshare they have an extensive FAQ section, which highlights what you should know. If you still have concerns or questions, they invite you to call and speak to one of their trained representatives.





In the market to sell? You can browse through all current offers made on properties, which allows you to view the large pool of active buyers on the site and the quality of offers being made.



Solution for Difficult to Find Accommodations


They cover many destinations. So many in fact that during my review, I got browsing fatigue. Now let me say, that for someone on the internet most hours of every waking day that is a feat.




I love the simplicity of the website. SellMyTimeShareNow is easy to navigate, filter and sort to find an accommodation. Each of these listings are descriptive and clearly label amenities in the unit, on premises and nearby.


They offer unique value if you're looking for niche accommodations like pet friendly or Wheelchair Accessible Timeshares.





One of the biggest value adding features of the entire site, is the last minute timeshare rental search.  If you need a timeshare rental within the next 60 days, you will find the best bargain here. Owners will reduce the price of their rentals typically each day the unit isn't booked, and the site updates the new low prices regularly.



Site Improvements


The website could use a bit more social media integration to facilitate off site conversations about their offers/properties. This would further promote their online presence and allow current and potential customers to share and collaborate on finding timeshares and potential renters. It would also be great to see a mobile version of this site available. Many travelers, already on the road, heavily utilize these technologies. I would opt for a responsive site thereby foregoing the need for an app, which would provide a consistent experience whether on a mobile or desktop.


Though this isn't really the site's fault, I would still like to see more listings in Eastern Europe/South-Eastern Central Europe. The number of timeshares in this region is sparse to non-existent, as most timeshare development has taken place in popular areas like Hawaii, Orlando and Las Vegas. However, this is a great region of the world, often unknown to travelers, tourists and backpackers alike. I loved my time in Croatia, Slovenia and Romania dearly, and I hope that more timeshare accommodations appear in these European countries because it would allow travelers to experience this wonderful region in a luxurious way.


All in all, does a wonderful job of connecting renters and buyers interested in these wonderful accommodations, and it seems to be the only useful place to list your timeshare if you're an owner. The prices found here are far lower than resort prices and it's a great site to browse for rentals when preparing for your next trip. 

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