What Travel Stole From Me


Travel is a fickle mistress. She graciously offers up the many fruits of the world while capable of swiftly doling out the lessons of life to balance the karmic ethereal world. For the time we've spent hand in hand along the road, this is what she has taken from me.



Travel Stole My Fear


I learned that I don't have to fear the unknown. Scary things do not lurk behind all the shadows of ignorance. Once you arrive in that destination or jump over that hurdle light casts itself upon these unknowns.


Fear less, travel with impunity and cast aside naivety.


Fear of uncertainty is natural and healthy. To let it stifle your choices, limit your ability to live richly is a self defeating path. The many destinations and paths to travel them are analogous to the many paths in life. Do not fear those options.


Learn which path is best for you and follow it.



Travel Stole My Doubts


I used to doubt my beliefs. I doubted myself fearing estrangement of the larger world. Travel validated my assumptions in many ways, sometimes through trial by fire. My travels though limited, showed me the world and the possibilities within it even greater than I ever imagined.



Travel Stole The Focus of Self


I found myself frequently focusing on my own needs. While concerned for the needs of the larger whole I selmdom incorporated it into my planning. Coming in contact with different communities, individuals and societies inspired me to to meld the two.


This is not a sense of selflessness, but a hope in community and the belief that all can do better through collaboration. Never more defining than in my visits to Occupy Encampments through my travels.



Travel Stole My Regrets


Travel taught me to make amends with my past. The world is too large and possibility to great. These things do not hold you down, but can propel you forward. So long as you learn from your failures.


Protests in Ireland.  They look curiously happy though.


There are many possibilities in the world. There are countless ways of living, different values across societies which stand as markers for the worth of self. Observing the struggles of others highlighted the cycle of change and growth in life.


Sometimes what you lose in life allows you to gain in wisdom.

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