Tornadoes, Hitchhikers and Tents in Kansas – Part 1

Low on common sense and high on adventure was the theme for this road trip across the United States Midwest. There were many things that have come and gone on my adventures, but sometimes it is just plain hard to imagine what I was thinking at the time.


Classic 1970's hitchhiker.  Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.


It wasn't picking up two hitchhikers outside Denver off of Craigslist that made this little leg of the trip adventurous. This is something I do every once in awhile. I have never had a bad experience yet, plus it makes for some good stories. It was my choice to pull into a small town over the Colorado – Kansas border during tornado time that made me question if it is always the best policy to just go with the flow. The flow took me across the US at this particular time.


I could have gone most anywhere. Southern Turkey's beaches are remote and beautiful. The Florida coastline, when there are no hurricanes, has crystal clear water you can see 10k leagues deep into. A semi remote island would have been a great choice.



Looked something like this.  Photo courtesy of Flickr.


Having difficulty finding our meeting location (It was the large and world-famous REI store) lead to a late afternoon start on the road. We found out the hard way that we weren't going to make it to Junction City, no less Topeka or Kansas City. The radio echoed with severe tornado warnings and the dark and foreboding horizon seemed to agree with them.


It became apparent that we were going to have to find a place to stay, soon. If you have ever driven in this remote area of the country you know that even motels are scant. There was just to much road in front of us till we came to any major, even minor town, so we pulled off the highway into the first one that we came to.


It was a small and unassuming village. No supermarkets and certainly no places to stay.


We found only one business open. A squat gas station sat on a corner with probably the only street light in town. I knew the answer before I even got out of the car to ask if there was a place nearby for the night. What I did find out was there was a local bar/pool hall/bowling alley that was open. I am not sure, but it could have been the local jail/courthouse/post office as well.


At least this was somewhere that we could hold up till the storms past. Sometime after we had arrived at this establishment our finest, yet cheapest whiskey found its way into the group. Somehow whiskey seems to find its way into my adventures, for better or worse. Making quick work of it we headed into the bar/pool hall/bowling alley.


It was here I encountered the biggest man I ever came across in my life.


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