Fill Your Travel Nooks With Language


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Language communicates love. Language is the currency of international business. Language is knowledge for the polyglot. Language is border-less freedom of expression for the artist. At times language offers to fill the spaces of travels missed moments to enrich a your experience.


The time in the checkout line, between entering the queue till payment. A chance to converse with fellow cart pushers on the events of the day.


It's the second of pause stepping from the cab, to thank the driver for finding your hostel when you were completely lost.


The look of satisfaction on the face of the waiter in the local small town cafe when you order your afternoon meal in their native tongue, without mumbling an incoherent string of sounds.


It's the sense of accomplishment given an opportunity to offer a fellow traveler assistance, when they are lost and unable to get directions from those around them.


The gratification for little conversations when your solemnly sitting alone, at a foreign bar in a foreign land of foreign tongue and foreign customs.


It's the security in the knowledge that you have learned enough to read the street signs and road markers to find your way, wherever you may choose to roam.


Language, the final layer of understanding, that wraps the travel package of culture, costume, art, cuisine and architecture along with all the other bits and pieces of experiences in the foreign lands you visit.

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