Giving Away Possessions – Donations For Good Causes

Instead of frivolously giving away possessions to friends and family you can consider donating some or all of your possession to a good cause. There are countless charitable, non-profit and for profit organizations out there that fill this niche. They will be more than happy, in some cases, to take your unwanted items from you. They may even come to your domicile to pick up your donations, in the case of larger items such as furniture and vehicles as well as donations in bulk.




Many of these donations are tax deductible, in the case of charities and non-profits, and will issue you a receipt at the time of your donation.


The list of organizations is considerable, here is a considerable breakdown of where to donate your stuff sorted by the type of goods your donating.




Time Considerations


You already have a list of what your getting ride of. Some organizations take a wide variety of donations. Goodwill, Salvation Army and Volunteers Of America all offer the ability to schedule pick up for donated goods, which considerably reduce the effort on your part.


A Google search for '[YOUR CITY] charity donation services' or '[YOUR CITY] charity pickup services' with your location will reveal a good listing of those available in your area. There is little time needed on your part to sort or organize the items as these charities usually have volunteers for these such tasks.


It's worth noting that some organization have criteria for the condition and cleanliness of items donated. This might require a certain amount of effort, though you would be doing the same if you were selling it all or giving the items away to friends and family.


Size And Volume


This is a smart way to give away possessions that is efficient in your efforts. Small and compact or big and bulky, you can can give away donations of any size and in any amount. You can schedule several large donations for pick up as you sort through everything room by room or choose to cart your donations to the locations yourself in smaller trips.


Living Situation


No matter where you live, whether it is the city, suburbs or country there are always organizations from a well known national chain to a local church that will take your possessions for donation. With the availability of pickup services and many nearby locations your living situation shouldn't hinder your donations for good causes.


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