Montauk Point Myth and Fact: Monsters and Great Whites


The famous travel destination of Montauk Point Long Island is home to more than just historic lighthouses, great surfing and delicious seafood. This nearly remote location on the east coast of Long Island New York has some interesting myths and facts that most visitors and tourists are unaware of.



Montauk Lighthouse, Montauk Long Island


A popular destination for surfers from all over the east coast of the United States because of its good waves and world renowned break, surfers can find themselves sharing the waves with Great White sharks. The North Eastern Atlantic Coast of the United States is a area of high shark concentration  and along the seasonal migration pattern of these large predators. Over the past several years shark sightings have increased significantly and more sharks are being tagged and tracked, migrating from their seasonal homes off the coast to the warmer waters of Florida.


Despite the their reputation which inspires fear in many individuals there are only around 60 shark attacks reported a year, few of which end in fatalities. With a populations of 7,000,000,000 people on the planet you probably have a better chance of getting attacked by a lion escaping from your local zoo.


The fear of sharks prevalent in society is perhaps most revealed in the Blockbuster hit film Jaws. Originally a book, Long Island was the native setting for the story and this location was a consideration in the filming of the movie. Although losing out to nearby Maratha’s Vineyard Massachusetts for the filming of Jaws the eastern coast of Long Island has been home to some of the largest Great Whites caught on record.



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Great White Shark


Fearsome Great White sharks are not the only rare sighting on the shores of Montauk.  Reports, sightings and pictures of unexplainable monsters washing up on shore have become common. Videos and pictures have documented unnatural looking creatures on the beaches along the coast, which some have called the 'Montauk Monster'.


There are several theories and proposed explanations for these odd creatures. The most interesting is that these are genetic mutations which have been lost or dumped at sea by the nearby Plum Island Animal Disease Center. The center is used as a government research facility to study animal pathogens and is linked to government conspiracy theories as well as references in popular culture.


Thankfully there has never been a documented shark or monster attack around Montauk or the Long Island area.


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