Exploring the Dalmatian Coast: Trogir

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Trogir is one Dalmatian city I hadn't heard much about before our arrival to Croatia.  It just isn't on every traveler's itinerary, especially on shorter visits to the country.  It's not off the beaten path... most of Croatia doesn't qualify as such anymore.  It just gets knocked off many 'must see' lists for other nearby attractions in the vicinity like Split and Hvar. Trogir is nestled on a tiny island between Čiovo and mainland Croatia, though it is so close you may not even notice.


My Mom came to visit Kurt and I on our journey, and we hopped around Dalmatia for a week, eating Pizze Dalmacija in the November sunshine, dipping our toes in the Adriatic and drinking champagne before noon.  One of our favorite places we explored together was Trogir.


It has no ancient Roman palaces like Diocletian's in Split, but the medieval Old Town is one of the best preserved in Europe (UNESCO agrees), and I found it even more charming because of the lack of gaudy chain department stores and busloads of other tourists.



I'll be honest - there isn't much to do in Trogir.  That's all part of the charm.  If you felt really motivated to accomplish something during your visit, you could wander into any of its churches, go visit the albeit unimpressive Kamerlengo Fortress, or visit The Trogir Museum.  


The real loveliness of the town is found in its relaxed atmosphere and warm red tiles on the rooftops.  Nobody seems in a rush.  Sidewalk cafe culture abounds, and the harbor views and slick medieval stone streets make exploring the maze of Trogir an adventure well worth the day trip from Split.  A perfect day visiting this town includes lunch on the Riva and strolls along the Promenade.


Like most of Croatia's coastline, Trogir has changed hands quite a bit through the centuries, making its architecture a dazzling mix of influences, from Romanesque-Gothic to Baroque.


The crowning jewel of the Old Town is the Church of Saint Lawrence, whose tower is visible from many spots around town.  

Even the view from the bus stop made me want to stay.


How to Get There:

Split's airport is only a few kilometers from Trogir, and is easily accessible by taxi or bus.

From Split's central bus station, take bus 37 til the end of the line, and you will be dropped near Trogir's market.  Ride costs 20 Kuna one way.  

Have you been to Trogir or Dalmatia?  What was your favorite destination?

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