Cevapi and Karlovacko – The Perfect Croatian Combination

I remember the time I spent along the coast of the Aegean in a little apartment in Kastela, sitting and enjoying the early mornings out on the deck overlooking the bay. Some of the most enjoyable parts of this experience were two minute walks along the dock to a local bay side restaurant, where I spent my late afternoon and evenings, drinking Karlovacko and easting Cevapi.


Served by the an adorable Croatian women, who also happened to be the owner of the establishment the evenings seemed to just pass along as the bar filled with the voices of the locals sitting in nearby booths and along the bar in the adjacent room.


This delectable combination of meat and beer is my fondest memory from my meat heavy food palate that makes up the diet in the region.



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Cevapi is a mixed meat made usually from a combination of ground beef and pork. For seasonings garlic, salt and pepper, parsley and paprika are added giving it a zesty kick. It can be served with fries or with the more traditional flat bread known as Lepinja. While there are a number of different dipping sauces, I have been told, Ajvar is the only one that has found its way to my plate. A red pepper relish dip it complements the seasoned sausages perfectly.



Photo courtesy of Flickr.


While they are a favorite Croatian dish, these small mixed meat sausages are common throughout the entire Balkan region and surrounding area. They go by other names such as Cevapcici in Serbia and can be made with the addition of lamb mixed in. These variations can be found from Slovenia to Romania and the Czech Republic, each mix its own distinct flavoring.


My Croatian experience found me washing them down with a traditional Croatian beer called Karlovacko. It is a pale lager that carries a stronger 5.2 percent alcohol by volume. While it is a bit strong it has a slight sweetness to it, though it does carry a bit of an after taste. Overall it is a great combination to go along with some freshly grilled Cevapi, while sitting along the Croatian coastline.

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