And The Funk Princess In Hipster Haven



At six feet tall I could barely see over the wool hats or through the thick burly beards. I had entered the quasi hipster-hippie world known as Burlington Vermont. Where the music is jiving and the irony runs deep. A place where, despite the sub zero temperatures and treacherous roads, the crowds welcoming and alive. At least welcoming while they are soak in great music and imbibe in ample drink.



The Daily Planet!  Superman not included


On the cold streets of the main concourse through town, dutifully plowed of the fresh fallen snow, quaint shops and small eateries lined the sides while animated statues dotted along the path. By night the silhouettes of the buildings blurred against the full dim lights clinging to the polls and hanging from the trees. At night the concourse was devoid of crowds, save for a few stragglers from the last open restaurants and those scurrying to the next stop for the night.






My next stop, well my first and last stop of the night, Radio Bean. A cozy venue, serving up Poutine (don't get it) given its close proximity to the land of hockey to the north, good cider and even better music. Small enough for as an intimate comfortable surrounding, yet crammed with the excitement of a night of music that will make you move.


And move it made me! Both me and my companion, though she is a much better dancer than I. Did I mention I started Blues dancing, to combat my two left lead feet. Well I have!


The hipsters joined in as well, but the boogy was too grooving for all but the hippest skankers there. Is this what the kids call it these days? My personal favorite from the lineup of bands, Michelle Sarah and her soul/funk band. To hear here vocals. My God, so full of soul. Michelle filled the Radio Bean with wave upon wave of grove and soul and didn't hesitate to get her show her funk on the dance floor either.




Her voice and soul displayed through the wool hipster hats and unkempt beards. It captivated your senses, while competing alongside her beautiful stage presence for your attention. Drawn into the funk, perhaps from a few sweet ciders, the night descended into bad dance and melodic tunes.



How I felt during the show from the night previous, playfull


As I parted ways with a new found friend, the hipster haven in northern Vermont, I could only think how the rest of my warm weather adventures in this New England state would turn out.

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