Wanderlusting Goes Mobile and Other Such Craziness

These Times They Are a Changing.


The site is up finally. Finally, and I do mean finally. At the end of an extended design phase during a rather difficult time, my computer decided to completely wipe. A near fatal hard drive meltdown, despite a recovery partition and offline backup, destroyed many hours hard work.


I decided on going with a responsive web site rather than a mobile app. This decision is three fold.


One. I didn't want to develop an app, although I am a more than capable of learning another language I feel it's not worth it besides I have a great many other great things to learn.


Two. I don't see the current use of single purpose apps that mimic mobile functionality of a responsive website to continue, especially with the advances going forward with Drupal 8 and Wordpress. This is not to say they won't exist, just that they seem redundant.


Three. I like to keep things as simple as possible and all in one place.


From a community standpoint I would like to thank Jack Strewn and Development Geeks for all the great work they have done in giving the Drupal community a top notch mobile first design theme.


There are several projects, which will start rolling out one by one hopefully with brilliant cadence and rhythm.


Next on the docket however, is travel writing classes.

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Kurt grew up on Long Island in New York. He spends his time learning emerging open source technologies and social media. He runs Travel With Drupal, focused on Drupal webdesign and blogging. (http://www.travelwithdrupal.info). Beatnik literature and The Beatles top his list of interests when not backpacking around.