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Wanderlusting is going to see change in the coming weeks.  Drawing up the blogging business plan has helped focus the direction of the site and highlight where I would like to get the community's input in this process.  In order to support community collaboration and participatory decision making I would like the readership to vote on the themes that the site will cover and offer any suggestions on improvements you would like to see.

I'll be rolling out some features on the site to better facilitate community building and create a shared space, where everyone has a say and incentive to create discussion around issues that are of interest.

Take a moment to choose which topics you would like to see Wanderlusting focus on.
New features to the site are in planning and some are currently being rolled out. Select which you would like to see implemented first.
Please share any additional comments or suggestion for the site. Examples would be site content/topics, site design or additional features.

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